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Davkar Progressive Basketball League
Named after its founder and commissioner (Dave - davkarball) the Davkar league had 24 members.  It was a progressive league that started with the 1988-89 NBA season and concluded with its 22nd and final season 2009-2010.
Regressive Basketball League
Founded by commissioner (Scott - shawbigred) & the gang of 23 additional owners.  This is a NBA league that regressed in time starting with the 2006-07 season.  The league became a double regressive league in its 20th season.  It concluded with its 25th season (1982-83/1961-62).  

History Double Progressive Basketball League
Founded by tracyr (Rob) this league progressed thru 30 seasons starting with the 1951-52/1981-82 seasons and finishing with the 1980-81/2010-11 seasons.
NHL Progressive League
Founded by commissioner hockeyhead this league started with the 1979-80 NHL season and will progress until present day. The league is about to drop the puck for its 33rd season 2011-12.

Ultimate Progressive League 3.0
Founded by commissioner ncih (Glen) this league is an all-time progressive basketball league.  This is the third installment of the UPL.  The league concluded after its seventh season.

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