LAST UPDATED: July 21st, 2016

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Davkar Progressive Basketball League
Named after its founder and commissioner (Dave - davkarball) the Davkar league had 24 members.  It was a progressive league that started with the 1988-89 NBA season and concluded with its 22nd and final season 2009-2010.
Regressive Basketball League
Founded by commissioner (Scott - shawbigred) & the gang of 23 additional owners.  This is a NBA league that regressed in time starting with the 2006-07 season.  The league became a double regressive league in its 20th season.  It concluded with its 25th season (1982-83/1961-62).  

History Double Progressive Basketball League
Founded by tracyr (Rob) this league progressed thru 30 seasons starting with the 1951-52/1981-82 seasons and finishing with the 1980-81/2010-11 seasons.
Ultimate Progressive League 3.0
Founded by commissioner ncih (Glen) this league is an all-time progressive basketball league.  This is the third installment of the UPL.  The league concluded after its seventh season.

NHL Progressive League
Founded by commissioner hockeyhead this league started with the 1979-80 NHL season and progressed until the 2014-15 season. 

This league was the reboot of the Davkar League.  It started with the 1984-85 season and concluded with the 2015-2016 season.  

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